Welcome to my guide to landing the PAID brand partnerships of your dreams!


I'm unleashing all of my pitching secrets.


Before 2018, I was navigating my career as a content creator by chance. I was waiting for brands to FIND ME, instead of actively pitching myself to brands to show them why they should partner with me.


After realizing what I needed to do, the game CHANGED.


I started landing collaborations with brands like Fujifilm, VS Pink, American Eagle and more. I started streamlining my pitching method, helping me generate over $30k in under four months.


Excited to increase your paid brand partnerships and truly foster a relationship with your dream brands? Snag my ebook today.


What's a $20 investment compared to the brand deals you'll be able to secure after indulging in this 13-page ebook?

Not Your Average Pitch Ebook

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