Monthly Tiered Membership Pricing

Welcome to Strictly Boss! If you're here, then the odds of you wanting to boss up your life and your business are very high. It's easy to talk about it - it's another thing to actually be about it. Think of this membership as your accountability buddy, Always reminding you of your goals and dreams, along with why it's important for you to keep pushing through. You'll not only gain the resources to help you grow and scale your business, but you'll also be a part of the first-wave of women entrepreneurs, content creators and small business owners who have joined our Strictly Boss Community.

what you'll gain:

1 x Monthly Webinar (covering topics like mindset, profit planning, marketing, social media, scaling your business, content creation and more. All of the tools a female entrepreneur needs to build her empire)

1 x Monthly Live Group Video Session (recorded and stored in our membership portal for you to reference as many times as you’d like)

1 x Monthly Challenge with prizes (an incentive for you to keep things going)

Access to our 52-week goal setting newsletter (where you’ll be challenged to push yourself outside of your comfort zone)

The opportunity to be featured in our weekly newsletter or on our social channels for our member spotlights.

Freebies like our Content Calendar Template and more to help grow your brand/business.

The most important piece of all of this will be access to the private Facebook Community (where you’ll meet & network with your digital bffs ).

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