Britney Turner

Britney is the Founder + CEO here at The Boss Up Inc. With 8+ years of experience in the realm of social media, digital and influencer marketing, she really knows what it takes to elevate your presence in the digital world.

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Kaitlyn Chiu

As the Social Media Coordinator here at The Boss Up Inc., Kaitlyn is truly our  rockstar. From conceptualizing social strategy to graphic design, she is able to set the tone of our digital presence - leaving a lasting impression on

and offline.

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Taffy Wang

Taffy is the digital marketing intern at The Boss Up Inc. She helps keep our community of female bosses together and makes sure that everyone is updated and engaged.

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Crystal Jones

Crystal is the Operations Guru at The Boss Up Inc. She helps things in order, from booking our clients for their sessions to maintaining logistics and ensuring that we are on track for constant success & growth.

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